Transforming the Patient Experience in the Hospital

During their hospital stay patients will be more in control, feel better and get well faster when CareServant is used at the bedside.

Patients in hospitals should not only get excellent medical treatment; they also ought to be comfortable, engaged and educated, as this is equally important for good recovery. Fortunately, technology can enable this more than ever before. 

Currently many hospitals don’t offer much:  a TV with a remote control or a simple emergency button in case contact with care staff is requested.  What is needed instead?  A complete, comprehensive digital end-to-end solution that gets fully integrated into each hospital’s IT systems and patient-centric processes.

The CareServant portal as key enabler

CareServant brings together applications around education, communication, entertainment and services.   

The CareServant portal’s connection with the Hospital Information Systems and with other 3rd party software enables a personalised patient experience like never before.   

Wellbeing and comfort will be a key factor in recovery. Digital connection with the staff and relatives will increase patient satisfaction. And patients’ engagement in hospital processes will improve workflows.

Part of the superior Apple eco-system

Choosing the best technology platform was a key strategic decision for CareServant: Apple’s and Jamf’s strengths in user experience, privacy, security and B2B2C processes made it the right choice. It helps CareServant create a highly automated, easy-to-manage system, in which ongoing operations require hardly any IT staff and caregiver involvement, and in which patients benefit from the best user experience.