Jamf, the global leader in Apple platform management, has chosen Eindhoven-based CareServant BV as its first managed solutions partner in the field of patient engagement solutions in Europe. CareServant, previously a Philips company, has extended its proven software to run on Apple devicesdevices, and has entered into the partnership with Jamf to jointly promote their integrated Apple-based solution to the highly attractive market of European hospitals & care institutions. Joining forces to promote the superior patient experience of the Apple Healthcare platform for patient devices is a hugely promising opportunity.

The two solutions complement each other in a perfect way: While the CareServant front-end application gives a native Apple experience to patients before, during and after the hospital stay, the CareServant back-end integrated with the Jamf Pro management platform ensures full security, privacy and minimal need for staff intervention during the hospital stay. For instance, when a patient gets released, all apps and data are securely removed and the next admitted patient at this bed will see a fresh start-up screen, without any staff member ever touching the device.

Ian Browning (Jamf European Health Care Leader) commented:  “We’re delighted to have CareServant on board as a Jamf solutions partner. When they install an Apple-based patient solution, with iPad or Apple TV, CareServant provides hospitals with installation and ongoing support of both solutions (CareServant and Jamf Pro) –  a seamless experience. We have seen this working well already in our first joint installation, at Emma Kinderziekenhuis/AMC Amsterdam.“