From our customers we hear many reasons why they like to work with us

Here are the Top 6 Reasons


Our personalisation technology helps treat patients more individually

We have taken personalisation to a new level – by combining state of the art HL7 platform technology for HIS/EMR integration and a deep understanding of patients‘ needs, we help hospitals treat patients individually, be it by age, treatement type, location or language.


We support hospitals in securely running more efficient processes and better workflows

We integrate patient data, including HIS/EMR data and various hospital processes (such as meal ordering, surveys and scheduling) into our system, so that medical institutions can digitally improve operations, ensure privacy, security and control  – and save costs at the same time.


We combine experience with an innovative spirit to help hospitals stay ahead of the game

In this industry you will find no other company who combines year long industry experience with bold innovative ideas to deliver modern patient engagement, especially hospital-tailored use of modern Apple devices (iPads & Apple TV).


We are flexible to cater to hospitals' needs – from software only to all-in projects

We partner with hospital groups, large University hospitals, smaller private clinics as well as with system integrators, and we can tailor our services to everyone's needs - be it software only (even on a White Label basis), software plus hardware or even  sizable technology projects with complex integrations.


We have expertise and solutions for specific patient segments and specialized clinics

Different patient groups often require different solutions! With past projects and through close cooperation with other software vendors we have developed expertise in areas such as psychiatric clinics, children‘s hospitals and departments dealing with dementia patients.


Our solution neither starts when patients enter nor stops when they leave hospitals

We have looked at the full patient journey - from pre-information, to registration all the way to discharge and post hospital treatment. We therefore adapted our technology to increase patient's connection and communication with the caregivers all in a secure manner.