Our innovative solutions combine software, hardware and content for better patient engagement


Patient Connect

Our software offers a large variety of applications through a single user interface - entertainment, information, communication, as well as integration into administrative and clinical processes. Via the HL7 protocol we establish a connection to the HIS for a high degree of personalization. Via the back end system we offer e.g. patient management, content management, device management and accounting functionalities

For the patient

  • One single interface which hosts entertainment, clinical information, patient processes and communication.
  • Maximum personalisation through direct link to HIS: differentiation based on numerous criteria - location, clinical requirements, patient group, mobility, age, personal preferences, etc…
  • Multilingual patient friendly portal  for the best user experience across all platforms

For the hospital administration

  • An open platform that can integrate external media (TV, radio, VOD) communication tools (audio & video telephony) and hospital process software (meal ordering, surveys, etc.) into one patient-centric portal
  • Different personalisation options to improve administrative and clinical services, so that cost savings can be obtained.
  • Accounting functionality to add paid services

For the hospital staff

  • More rewarding relationships with patients who are more in control,  better informed and well entertained through personalised content
  • Ability to improve the clinicall communication between them and their patients including usage of patients' medical records on the patient device 
  • Reduced administrative tasks so that staff can focus on the their most important priority - helping the patient get better, fast.

For the IT department

  • A secure cloud based infrastructure in which all patient data remain within the hospital systems. Install/De-install/Wipe process all centrally managed
  • Full central control over location, usage rights, and account status at every point in time.
  • An open system for easy integration with hospital backoffice systems and 3rd party applications
  • Easy Back office access based on RDP/Citrix/Web applications


We believe in MOBILE E-CARE and have developed unique innovative solutions to make consumer tablets work for patient engagement, especially for iPads and Apple TV! Also, we have extended our app usage to BYOD for use outside of the hospital..

Mobile Devices

We have a flexible portal which works with all types of mobile devices, both hospital manged or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). CareServant has chosen Apple iOS as its preferred platform.
Devices (iPads & Apple TV) can be used independently and to control other hardware, e.g. TV sets; also as 2nd screens.

  • IPads & Apple TV as our main solution
  • Windows & Android Tablets

Mobile Cover & Mounting

We offer different types of mounting solutions for patient devices - in most cases via movable arms, attached to trolleys or the wall. For iPads, CareServant has developed its own, hospital-specific case,

  • Connects via a VESA75 with any mounted arm.
  • Easy cleaning & great audio, both via loudspeaker and headphones.
  • For use with WLAN and - via optimised cabling solution - also with LAN

Fixed Devices & Mounting

While we work with clients to move towards mobile solutions, we recognise that many hospitals still - at least partially - maintain traditional bedside terminals.

We work with leading terminal and mounting vendors to offer reliable systems that work perfectly with CareServant Software.

  • Windows based 13"-18,5" terminals
  • All accessories (telephone headsets, keyboards etc)
  • Various wall & ceiling mounting hardware


Hospitals can simply provide content to us and/or task us with searching for and managing content partners.

Basic Infotainment

Patients are first and foremost looking for basic entertainment and information - CareServant helps provide this in a personalised way, differentiated by various criteria.

Typically we offer:



Popular Web Applications (e.g. You Tube, Games)

Telephony & Videotelephony

Hospital Information (Educational Videos, Hospital Maps)

Additional Infotainment

Hospitals can add premium infotainment that strengthens patient engagement, improve their well-being and can also drive hospital's revenues.

Typically we offer:

Audiobooks & Music Libraries

Premium Movies (e.g. Netflix)

Photo Slide Show (for relatives to upload)

Medical Information (articles, links etc..)

Relaxation Videos

Hospital processes

The CareServant platform is open and flexible to integrate all types of hospital and 3rd party applications that optimise hospital workflows and drive down costs.

Typically we offer:

Meal Ordering

Scheduling (for hospital appointments)

Patient Feedback & Surveys

Differentiated Nurse Calling & Staff Information

Accounting & Payment

Business Model

We offer medical institutions various types of financial models to make working with CareServant technology as suitable as possible. 

CapEx Model

The hospital initially pays for all hardware, together with the initial project costs (for e.g. set ups and integrations) and necessary upfront licenses. CareServant charges for its own services on an ongoing basis (license fees and service fees).


There are no initial capital investments, but upfront only project related costs and upfront licenses. On a going basis, we charge for hardware equipment - together with all other services - on a per bed/per month basis.

Hybrid Model

We are open for all types of hybrid business model alternatives, catering the each hospital's investment strategy.