Find out who, what and where we are!

Who we are

In 2013 the Austrian investor Dr. Michael Herscovici bought CareServant from Philips, who had started the company in 2006 as a spin-off.  A close connection with Philips remains, but CareServant now operates as a privately owned enterprise. We are working in close cooperation with VAPC Interactive Services, an Austrian IT company which is also  part of Dr. Herscovici's shareholdings.
Now the 2 companies together run over 10,000 bed side terminals across Europe, engaging more than 500,000 patients every year.
With high end entertainment, relevant information, multimedia communication and a range of personalized hospital applications they also streamline hospitals‘ operations and improve their bottom line.
With new technological advancements in software, mobile hardware as well as an integrated approach to content, the company is transforming business from one focused on traditional bedside terminals into a comprehensive digital, mobile ecare solution.

Management Team

20+ years career in Marketing and Business Development with major corporations including Procter & Gamble and American Express. Most recently led Marketing for European Digital Marketing software company through period of rapid expansion and growth.

Co-Founder of CareServant, 15+ years experience in the design and implementation of distributed systems. Technically responsible for a number of solutions which bring personalized information and services in a secure manner to home care and health care consumers. Currently leading software development and customer service at CareServant.


Our Office

Based in the heart of the new and upcoming Strijp district in Eindhoven, our office is perfectly located to serve our customers, both in Holland and across Europe. Being close to the headquarter of Philips, to whom we maintain strong connections,  we run our international operations.