Patient Engagement that is pleasant, personalized and profitable

CareServant Is the Most Innovative Partner For Your Hospital

Find out why
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We go way beyond Patient Entertainment

We help create competitive advantages for medical institutions

Optimising Patient Experience

  • State-of-the-Art Infotainment
  • Digital Scheduling & Meal Ordering
  • Easy Staff Interaction
  • Multimedia Communication
  • Advanced Personalisation

Improving the Bottom Line

  • Lower Costs for Equipment
  • Administrative Workflow Optimization
  • Increased Patient Loyalty
  • Paid Premium Entertainment
  • Commissions from Commercial Partners

Support Patient Recovery

  • Improved Patient Compliance
  • Personalized Education & Instructions
  • Ability to View Medical Records
  • Digital Apps to Speed up Recovery
  • Better Staff-Patient Communication

We combine software and content with innovative hardware into one complete solution


Relevant applications, true personalisation and great user experience - all centrally managed


Multimedia content on entertainment, information and administration - all fully integrated


Innovative use of consumer mobile devices (e.g. iPads) to bring patient experience to a new level



10 year+ European experience in patient-centric hospital technology and  IT integration.

See How Your Patients Would Experience Our Solution In This Video.