1.  Who we Are:

The company is CareServant BV, Torenallee 20, 5617 BC Eindhoven, Netherlands and operates under Dutch law.

All servers of the company are located in Netherlands. All production servers are administered by a NAND certified organization.

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 2. Scope

CareServant is bound to the Dutch privacy legislation such as the Data Protection Act.
This Privacy Policy is applicable to fully or partly automated processing of data. It is also applicable to the non-automated processing of data which are included in a file, or are intended to be included therein.

3. Personal and aggregated information
Personal information is information relating to an identified or identifiable person, all as defined in the Data Protection Act and Directive 95/46 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

4. Categories of personal data that are being collected and processed

The following personal data could be collected and processed

A. General Information
B. Log Files
C. Cookies
D. User identifier (s)
E. Location Data

General Information
-  Data resulting from the use of the App: whether and when an app is used, whether data has been received and / or sent via the App.

 - Additional data or meta data associated with uploading information such as video or other files (such as time, date and location where the file was created)

-   Data from the device on which the app is installed and other computers or devices that are connected to the device in the context of the use of the specific app;

Log Files
If the App is used, we receive data such as the Internet Protocol (IP) address, data on the operating system of the device and the data on the use of the App as listed under A.

User Identifier
Once the app is turned on, CareServant can use one or more 'user identifiers. A user identifier is a small data file or data structure that is corresponding to Users
assigned and which makes it possible to associate the identity of users across various platforms. A user identifier may provide information to CareServant about how users use the App. A user identifier is used permanently on the device, in order to help to log in faster and to improve the use of the App. Some parts of the app may not function properly at the moment the user identifier is no longer used, has been damaged or disabled.

Location Data
Some apps will use location data (for locating the mobile device). If the user switch the app, we may seek access to data that determines the location of the user (location data). This location data can include GPS coordinates or similar information to help determine the location of a mobile device. Location data can CareServant provide information about how the app is used and must be made available in the language of the app to the user.

5. Purpose of Collecting Data

Data collection’s purpose is solely to improve the experience of patients before, during or after their hospital stay. The data are being used to

-                 Personalise the applications and content that each customer gets offered and shown

-                 Improve the ability of the medical institution to interact with patients in the most relevant way

-                 Facilitate patient processes, such as administration, meal ordering, satisfaction surveys, accounting & payment. 

6. Supply of data to 3rd parties

CareServant gives no access to information other than as described in this Privacy Policy.
All data within CareServant are protected and thus not accessible to third parties only for the user or for employees of CareServant authorized for this purpose specifically.
CareServant will not disclose, sell or trade, unless otherwise expressly provided in this Privacy Policy.
CareServant may share data with third persons engaged by CareServant, or with people who need access to the relevant information in order to carry out their work for CareServant.

In some cases, it is possible that a service provider on behalf of CareServant collect or process data directly from the user. CareServant informs all service providers working for CareServant that they have may use this information exclusively for work on CareServant. Other use is prohibited. CareServant is not liable for any additional information of any kind that the User provided directly to the service provider. CareServant advises the user strongly to first get acquainted with the way the service handles data before the user supplied to the service provider data.

Information can be provided by CareServant:

a. when CareServant is under a statutory obligation required to do so

b. if providing the information is necessary to protect the vital interests of a user;

c. to a governing body where necessary for the proper performance of a public duty.

d. if a legitimate interest requires that the information be provided. A legitimate interest is for example the handling of an insurance issue by the insurer that information from the other party and / or witnesses to be able to handle a claim.
CareServant can also provide data where necessary to respond to a claim or demand, to protect the property rights (including intellectual property), to protect users and the public from fraud, abuse, misconduct or unauthorized usage of our apps.


7. Withdrawal of Consent and  Deletion of Data

Data that are no longer necessary to achieve the purpose for which they were processed, will be removed as soon as possible, unless these data should be kept longer related to legal obligations.
Data from a user are stored in any event no more than seven years after the termination of their relationship with CareServant unless the purpose of the processing of the data requires a longer retention period.
Removal of the data involves destruction of the data or an operation such that it is no longer possible to dentify the user.
The User may request CareServant to improve, supplement, remove or protect such data if they are factually incorrect, for the purpose or purposes of the processing incomplete or irrelevant, or otherwise violate any law prescription processing. The request shall contain the changes.

CareServant report within four weeks of receipt of the request referred to in above paragraph whether - or to what extent - it will fulfill the request. A refusal shall state the reasons.
CareServant ensures that its decision concerning correction, addition, or deletion or blocking is implemented as soon as possible. It should note be taken that certain information cannot be erased. Please note that deletion of some data may result in certain features of the app cannot be used more to it.  CareServant reserves the right to set up a profile inactive.


8. Amendments and Supplements Privacy Policy
CareServant has the right to amend the provisions of the Privacy Policy.
The latest version of the Privacy Policy in conjunction with consulting the specific Annex per app can be found at any time under