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For Personalised Patient Experience and More Efficient Care

Ever since CareServant was founded by Philips in 2006, its mission was to offer a personalized and integrated digital patient experience at the bedside.

We have now expanded this mission to create one comprehensive digital portal which connects patients, hospital staff, and family members to structurally improve the care experience – much needed during COVID-19 times.

Patients will be more engaged,  caregivers more efficient and families more involved – leading to higher satisfaction across the board, plus streamlined processes and lower costs for care institutions.

Our IT solution seamlessly links up with various systems in the hospital and works best within the Apple ecosystem of hardware, infrastructure and services.

Hospitals will quickly see many benefits

More efficient care

Providing good care for patients during their hospital stay includes clincial, psychological and organisational aspects. Adding technology can help make care significantly more efficient, but it needs to be done smartly:

We at CareServant use tools such as simple videocalling, multilingual chats and differentiated service push notifications to create 360° communication workflows inside and outside the hospital between the “care triangle” of patient, staff and family members.

Patients can easily feedback what they need, how they feel, how they slept or what their pain level is. All this will make interactions more efficient, helping caregivers and family members truly care for their patients.

“Inefficient communications platforms dominated by overhead and handheld pagers, landlines and VoIP handsets, leaves Care staff little time for direct patient care.”
Source: Spyglass Consulting Group, August 2016

More engaged patients

It is known that engaging patients will aid their recovery:  turning them from being passive to being involved,  inviting them to  participate rather than simply telling them what to do.

Throughout the hospital stay and beyond, a range of digital applications within our Patient Engagement Portal will do just that: providing them with relevant, personalised  content for their education and entertainment; and putting more control into their hands to make them comfortable, connected and knowledgeable.

“58% of respondents (healthcare professionals) find using  mobile optimized patient portals to improve patient engagement.”
Source: 2016 HIMSS Connected Health Survey

Smoother patient processes

In hospitals around the world, digital transformation is gaining speed. Still, when it comes to the area of patient experience, many processes are still manual and overly complex.

CareServant’s mission is to integrate key patient processes into its open architecture platform. That will speed up digitalisation, streamline workflows and thereby improve operations and cut costs.

Examples are the integration of patient surveys, meal ordering software or patient calender into the portal, and many more.

“Enhanced patient access to relevant services is one of the 3 highest factors for positive patient engagement.Becker’s hospital’s review – September 2016”
Source: Becker’s hospital’s review – September 2016

Full Management control & security

Hospitals need to keep complete control over their central patient devices, especiall in the current Internet connected world.

CareServant’s unmatched management system is fully integrated with the Hospital Information system (HIS)  and – in case of mobile devices – with the Mobile Device Management (MDM) software.

Its servers can be hosted on location or in the hopital’s private cloud and we are always setting up according to the security and privacy policies of each hospital.

Superior security & privacy is one the key reasons why CareServant operates preferrably on the Apple platform.

“88% of Hospital IT staffs believe that BYOD smartphone usages (by care staff) create security risk when the organizations don’t have control of the devices.”
Source: Spyglass Consulting Group 2014




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A 2 minute tour of the CareServant application


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How Amsterdam’s Emma Children’s Hospital uses Careservant at the bedside


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How Capio Belharra in France uses Careservant in ambulatory wards

Flexible choice of devices

CareServant is a device-agnostic software, which works on different types of devices (including Mobile phones and Laptops/Chromebooks) and operating systems.  As it is a downloadable app, it works also on patients’ own devices (BYOD). Hospitals can manage different devices (and BYOD) concurrently under the CareServant system.




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